Madmext incorporated in 1998 and fell under GOP Textile. Madmext is today recognized as a highly successful global lifestyle brand.  We are handling services in many regions including Turkey, Europe, East Europe, Middle East and North America. In a short time with our textile sector experience, we moved our brand into online selling services in 2010 to spread the world also to achieve our goals on retail selling. In 6 years, we have observed Men’s Fashion Trends and, we became one of the first countries that sold product to abroad. The Perfect Fit philosophy guides MadMext in designing the jeans, t-shirts, joggers, track suits that perfectly fit the lifestyles, body types and quality expectations of its customers. MadMext has a unique brand position with fashion-savvy, young adult customers and collaborates with top local and international celebrities in its marketing communications. As a leading men brand, Madmext shapes its communication strategies to align with its product development expertise and customer data.