MADMEXT was established under the company GOP Tekstil in 1998, which is today recognized as a highly successful global lifestyle brand. We have been carrying out our textile adventure for many years in different regions including Turkey, Europe, East Europe, Middle East and North America. With the experience we gained in a short time, we decided to step into E-commerce business to spread our products globally in 2010 . Keeping the quality standards of Men's & Women's wear around the globe for the last 10 years, we have successfully managed to list our name among the top brands making online sales abroad, and we are continuing to take our targets one step further. We offer you the very special products of Men's & Women's fashion according to the customer's demand and every new season, our items are updated in the various categories on Madmext website. Our Brand reflects current fashion trends and keeping in view the products also being comfortable in what you are wearing. Madmext has a unique brand collaborating with top local and international celebrities in its marketing team. We offer our members a shopping experience full of privileges, with a wide range of new products suitable for every style and budget, along with highly discounted rates every season.





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